Getting You Connected

“Increase Productivity and Expand Your Business”

You can benefit from uninterrupted working and improved productivity with a range of speed and usage options from our broadband portfolio.
With high-speed internet connections, your PC and mobile can always be synchronised, so you can easily access all your work files.
Combined with Cloud-based solutions that are cost-effective and scalable, all your resource and capacity needs can be easily met.

Finding the Right Solution


Suitable for 1-5 people

Are you in search of am excellent cost-effective way to race ahead in the online marketplace world with the opportunity to increase productivity and expand? Look no further, our Broadband portfolio can be the perfect starting point for you and your company.


For Your Growing Business

Are you in search to increase your bandwidth as well as taking on next-generation solutions? look no further, with our super-fast Fibre solutions being perfect to help your company expand.


For High Capacity, Always on

Are you in search for a high quality coverage across the UK? Are you in search for access to video conferencing, cloud computing, as well as voice and data services? Look no further, with our excellent Ethernet solutions you will stay connected.


Here at Infologic we ensure that you get the most out of your broadband connection, providing you with a fast, reliable broadband which is great for opening up new markets and new business opportunities. Our excellent broadband portfolio can help your company to:

Work as you do normally, however with the added benefit of no interruptions.

Maximise productivity by choosing your own individual broadband speed and usage options which will match your needs

Increase your current revenue

enjoy our excellent copper access option providing speeds of up to 20mbps

Reduce downtime by having our support staff here to help if anything was to ever happen with your connection.


Here at Infologic we want to ensure that you get the very best Superfast Fibre Broadband connection, meaning that you will now be able to take advantage of the IP Voice Benefits as well as enjoying extra bandwidth. This will mean that you will be able to make the most of our next-generation IP Solutions, such as data storage and conferencing.

Allows several users on the same connection to browse, upload, or download data at high speeds.

In-house voice and data networks can be integrated into one service improving your information services as well as allowing your excellent customer service to shine through.

Increase your cloud computing resources in which you use.

Send and receive files to colleagues or customer quickly and easily whilst also being hassle free.

A number of bandwidth-hungry tasks can be done simultaneously without causing network issues such as hosting video conferences.

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Providing speeds of up to 10gbps and coverage across the whole of the UK; Ethernet had a wider range of different solutions which you could benefit from such as Ethernet over the First Mile hrough to Ethernet over Fibre. Its ideal for business that making that ever important jump to next-generation technology, or even for large, multi-site organisations with excellent benefits such as:

Excellent Bandwidth and performance guaranteed.

No major investment or risk

up to ten times cheaper than leased lines or virtual private network.

Discover next-generation voice and data services.

Enjoy total geographic coverage.