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Prevent your business from loosing important information, with market - leading network security from WatchGuard. Out and about, PC and mobile devices can also be protected from the Cloud with Intune from Microsoft.

"Don't wait for problems to become a reality."

A proactive security plan will protect your IT from cyber-threats as early as possible, often before they have even reached your network.


To protect you against current viruses and new threats we work with the best when it comes to virus protection - we wouldn't offer you anything less.

Bud Has Mail!

The situation for Bud at Conglomco is fictional - but the risks he faces are all too real.


If only Conglomco worked with infologic. We would provide them with the top of the range security service preventing risks from hackers on their computers or network. We would recommend the best possible ways to protect Conglomco from potential cybercrimes.


We only recommend the best security solutions available for your business.

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Next Generation WatchGuard Firewall

To prevent you from loosing any important information the best network firewall protection comes from WatchGuard.

WatchGuard Security Suite

Manage your network security with WatchGuard Security Suite to protect and monitor what people are able to view or download from your network, as well as blocking any potential attacks from outside your business.

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- Mobile Device Management

- Mobile App Management

- Pc Management

- Cloud Based Management


30 Day Free Trial

We will provide you with a WatchGuard product in order to trial and see what benefits WatchGuard will provide you with.

WatchGuard AP

30 Day Free Trial

With Application Control, you can selectively allow, block, or restrict access to applications based on a user's department, job function, and time of day.

Find out about what ransom attacks could do to you and your business.

Security and Device Management

Manage PC and mobile devices from the cloud with Intune from Microsoft. We believe this is an outstanding product and we are proud to be Microsoft Intune Partner of the Year.
You can try it for free, to see for yourself.

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