Enterprise grade communications systems for small and medium businesses

Hosted Communications

Using the Cloud to Communicate

Infologic cloud delivers true converged communications to your desk phone, mobile phone, email, instant messaging and Skype-for-Business all fully integrated.


Communicate Anywhere

Get your competitive advantage

Being available for your customers how they want and when they want can deliver the difference that can win the deal and keep your customers happy.


Mobile Phones

Smart-phone Communications

Business communications is not about the latest trend but having the right tool for the job. Knowing your business and knowing what is required will deliver the perfect match.

The Better The Communications, Better the Business

Make a Plan, Deliver on the promise

With more and more people working out of the office, old fashioned businesses are seeing problems having the right person available on the phone when a customer calls. In the modern business customers demand results now, and often the caller will then immediately call another business who will answer the phone and solve their problems.

For our customers this is now a thing of the past. Our team has come up with a solution that allows you to take, and make, calls from anywhere, not just at your desk, but on your smart-phone, your laptop, tablet, your home phone and even the phone in the Spanish villa, all from the customer dialling your desk phone. Having to give your customer a separate number for land-line, mobile and fax is now a thing of the past with the MyPhone One-Number solution. with Infologic you just have to give your customer one number and all messages will successfully get through to you.

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The Future of Communications is Cloud-Shaped

Businesses are no longer nervous of cloud technology, all because more than 70% of UK organisations already use at least one fully deployed cloud-based application. The tide has turned towards moving not just IT but also communications services off-site and hosting them where they are accessible to the entire organisation, at any time, using any device, wherever they are.

Hosted Communications Services



The cloud is reshaping the future of communications services

Hosted applications such as MyPhone Hosted, SIP Trunking and Hosted Contact Centre solutions are changing not just the way we all communicate, but the way we work - in the office, at home and on the move. Over 70% of UK businesses already use at least one fully deployed cloud-based application.

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MyPhone Hosted Voice



MyPhone Hosted Voice is here to revolutionise the way you work. MyPhone brings you everything from basic telephone services to fully managed enterprise level communications, across the Infologic IP Resilient Voice Network. The two flexible services – MyPhone Hosted unified communications and SIP trunking. You can use them together or separately.  Both offer you online access too easy to use anywhere access services.


SIP Trunking



SIP trunking is a high performance cost effective replacement for ISDN30, delivered across Infologics Network. We can scale it to provide connectivity for everything from the smallest phone systems, right up to the largest PBXs serving tens of thousands of users. there’s no need for costly resource to manage infrastructure systems. It's all done for you.

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Hosted Contact Centre



a multichannel contact centre in the cloud, from 5 - 500 agents. You control the features and functionality in real time, through an intuitive, web based dashboard. So there's no need for a PBX. There are no significant set up costs and no hidden charges. Even software updates are included in the seat-per-month rental.

Inbound Services



Our advanced telemarketing services give you complete control of incoming calls. Non-geographical numbers combine with smart call handling and analysis tools to deliver excellent customer service, improved efficiency and help build business. Services can be scaled up or down to match volume. and its easy to switch tactically from one call centre to another.

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Our outstanding telecom services

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Call Forwarding

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Speed Dials

Remote Office

CRM Integration





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